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Very funny indeed, I recommend watching with some friend s but no politically correct female, as the film is quite sexist along with beers or other kind of booze. Later in the classroom Brenda has Cindy running for her life and from embarrassment as she pulled off her blouse and left her topless.

It has everything a b-movie fan loves. Hot drunk girls nude. An altercation between a group of girls out for the night and a gang of local punks leaves the punks vowing revenge. Savage streets nude. Blair's character, Brenda, is the leader of a "good" street gang that finds itself confronted with the above mentioned Scars.

Savage streets nude

Blair's friends come across as racial and ethnic stereotypes, while the Scars are depicted with an unintentional-and hilarious-homosexual overtone. Savage Streets is many things, but what strikes me most about the film is that it is a celebration of inappropriate responses.

When people rent a movie called Savage Streets, they want vigilante action, not a Porky's retread. Also can't really say that Linda Blair impressed me. Not so much literal, but this whole…. Her gang runs into conflict with The Scars, a violent male gang led by the dangerously disturbed Jake.

Rebecca then stands up topless and tries to get her shirt back before fleeing the room. Amateur lesbian mistress. But her mom perm, cutiepie cheeks, and horrendous fighting style greatly detract from her badass persona. Linda Blair is miscast, but a lot of fun to watch nonetheless. Linda Blair is at her friskiest and sexy best as Brenda in the movie as she takes on all comers. Hell; a girl gets thrown over a bridge onto the road, and nobody bothers to stop or look around.

Generally speaking, most of these genre films use rape to amp up the sleaze and provide the protagonist some motivation. So what's a girl to do? She takes a long bath, dresses up in a tight leather outfit and goes out to extract her vengeance! Overall as a film I'd say it's worth a look. The locales are seedy, the music is canned. And it's not even just a rape scene--it's a gang rape After playing an innocent girl banged up in a lesbian hell-hole in the wonderfully sleazy WIP movie Chained Heat, Linda starred in the violent revenge drama Savage Streets, which saw her in one of her finest ie.

Overall, for school gang violence try Class offor classroom dancing try Fame, for revenge try Deathwish, for titillation just grab a porno.

Movies Movies See all. The film's main flaw is a tendency to spend too much time on the high school lives of Blair and her friends, including a tiresome subplot about Blair's blonde upper class rival. The rape scene is a plot point, however. Audible Download Audio Books. Sign up Log in. Naked girl drowning. Savage Streets Linda Blair Linda Blair of The Exorcist fame wearing a blue off-the-shoulder top with no bra, showing slightly bouncing breasts and some pokey nipples as she walks along a sidewalk with a group of girls and looks in some store windows.

Savage Streets is the absolute worst. It's best seen in it's uncut form, as here in the UK twelve minutes were censored! What, a cameo from John Vernon?

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You know how you then steal his car and cover it with garbage?

It's a pretty unsexy rape scene, and we know that Linnea can be a real hotty with her sweet little bod. Fantastic nude tits. After seeing this I feel I must narrow down my movie watching to more selective viewing, utter trash. But in the second half of the film, Brenda gets down to the serious revenge business, suiting up in a kick ass black jumpsuit and arming herself with a crossbow for her big revenge against the evil Scars.

Rebecca Perle standing in a bra and panties in a locker room as Linda Blair approaches her. When Blair goes on her brief rampage, you know where this movie is headed storywise. The film is at its best when it focuses on the street action and revenge elements. There are no morals in this films, but as far as one is interested in vigilante movies which may include some morals, too this is very pleasant classic from the 's as these films are not made anymore.

If you manage to find it online, give it a whirl. Savage streets nude. But in all honesty, "Savage Streets" also contains a handful of notably tense sequences and truly scary and badass male villains.

Keeping an eye on Heather,the Scars trap her in the college locker room,and brutally rape her. Right after Heather is attacked she is taken, naturally, to a hospital. The Game Remains the Same: The rape scene is a plot point, however. Lesbian scissor action. Linnea Quigley lying naked on her b ack on the floor of a bathroom with her bare breasts in view. When people rent a movie called Savage Streets, they want vigilante action, not a Porky's retread. And how could you not be fooled with such a legitimate, not-fake-at-all, name plastered on the side of the building: Not so much literal, but this whole….

The infamous rape scene is a catalyst to the violence but it seems strange that they chose a girl who looked 15 years younger than the rest i. Even less credible was chasing her the way he did, especially with a stab wound thrown in. Savage Streets is the absolute worst. The rape scene is extremely drawn out, very cruel, and perpetrated against a character that is portrayed as very sheltered, vulnerable, and disabled mute.

It looked like I had struck gold, but, alas, it was a disappointment. Nude women amature. I've seen it plenty of times, and I admit, I don't like it.

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The climax is a fantastic — but sadly too short — piece of vigilante action that would even make Charles Bronson proud! With nobody hearing what was happening to poor Heather and calling for help. The famous shower scene begins by slowly panning up from the floor to show an uncredited actress with incredible breasts.

Perhaps you are involved in a bar fight, that you totally started, and your face gets a little scratched. Some pieces of casting are just too ill-advised to go uncelebrated. And also a fight scene in the shower!

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A brutal street gang, the Scars, is terrorizing the neighborhood, drug dealing, raping, and killing. Slightly more than a decade after she depicted the legendary possessed teenager Regan, who spun her head degrees and vomited green pea soup in one of the horror genre's greatest historical classics, Linda Blair didn't star in elite and sophisticated movies like "The Exorcist" at all anymore!

Linda Blair is out for revenge! So it was not a stretch to say I was excited when a DVD arrived to review. Xxxx sexy hd video. Disgusting-Duo was written on November 23, A New Beginning" Oh yeah, and I have to give props to John Vernon, as well, as his part, though rather small, is still greatness. Watching a goombah high school student rap about punk rock and fellatio while his teacher at first encourages him and then inexplicably punishes him for it is about as entertaining as watching syndicated Weather Channel reports.

She goes all hammy and bad-ass with it. Hd milf big ass An error has occured. Linnea is playing a deaf girl who's character is underage. I highly recommend this movie. Savage Streets Rebecca Perle Rebeca Perle getting into a fight with Linda Blair, who pushes her to the floor of a classroom as a group of students cheer them on.

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