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Samus' little personality in the first games actually say a lot about her character and i just think this sexualization is just bothersome. That ties back in to the whole weak and submissive part.

It was the first 3D Metroid title, and a high-profile moment of Nintendo outsourcing one of its major franchises to a Western studio. Free hot girl pussy. You want to attack people for making personal attacks while making personal attacks. Naked samus aran. It doesn't bother them why should it bother anyone else and why do people think they have the right to dictate how a woman should look or dress. Her athelticism doesn't bother me. The truth is, yes, Samus' proportions have been sexualized, but Metroid has always been the big draw for 'hardcore' gamers.

That's something very unique among heroines. I'm sure if this was a man in the suit he would wear nothing but spandex shorts. Samus design is just too much for a strong bounty hunter like herself. This topic is ridiculous. New vegas naked mod. This is a pretty disappointing article to see come out of Nintendo Life. I personally find it more disgusting that anyone would say she cannot kick butt while looking however she wants to or that a mature adult cannot be as provocative as he or she wishes to be just because it makes you feel bad when they're not hurting anyone.

I really don't care as long as they don't give her that abomination pixel face from Metroid 1 back. So as they say "there is a time and a place for everything". You can walk in any gym and see woman in the same outfit. The GB game followed that design choice, but made Samus look more civil by giving her common sleep underwear. So yes even if this isn't some piece of litterature, canon in these computer video games are important.

The majority are Male and companies do placate to their fanbase. Sex is a powerful weapon, just look at Bayonette, she uses her sexy body, literally, to destroy enemies yet she keeps it classy and has respect for herself. The two people who've said it before me are correct. Yeah, not going to ignore that she looks attractive, but I'm also not seeing this as something super sexual or anything like it.

RantingThespian Exactly what about a genetically enhanced amazonian is realistic to you? Samus would be objectified if her purpose in the game was only to be an object of sexual reference and fanservice.

I'd rather supplement them by adding that a lot of the basis for these arguments is without good reason. Natasha yi nude video. I talk about sexualization a lot with friends - feminists or not - but, nowadays, discussions like that need to take into account the culture differences. I like Samus as a kick-butt action hero, not as a bikini pin-up. How I feel about Samus is that she's always been a hero.

And she is not over sexualized. You're just hiding behind not specifying a person. Why is any of this an issue?

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I would also like to add that shirtless males with bulging muscles are just as sexualized, if not much more than, zero suit Samus.

I thought she was a video game character? Rias vs Angewomon By: Did we really need this article to tell us that? I will never forget playing Metroid as a kid, then years later finding out the main character was a woman! If a man is over sexualized aka has giant muscles and is very masculine etc. Big tits oil anal. Fact is, men think about sex more, but women are just as sexual if not more so than their male counterparts.

Retrieved August 7, It's not a bad thing to created characters with big breasts, you know. Naked samus aran. Guinness World Records Ltd. Except I do not do what they do. What if everyone does agree these costumes are sexualized, then what?

By that logic the majority of female sports women must be sexualised too then? Thundercats Hentai - Cheetara says thanks. OR Login with Redtube Premium. I have younger brothers who adore Nintendo and love Metroid games, and I personally don't want to see them get hurt or see their morals waver because of over sexualized video game characters.

If that's a reward please put the helmet back on or let a Metroid suck your head off. That same year, Empire ranked her as the 26th-greatest video game character, adding, "whether you see her as a breakthrough for feminism or just another faceless sci-fi warrior, 's unexpected reveal that showed women could be more in gaming lore than eye candy for geeky boys was a refreshing and unforgettable moment. Kajol xxx sexy. Nintendo is funding a game where the character gets close to naked after finishing her attacks.

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To me when you go after stuff like this you take validity from the issue itself. See how idiotic that sounds. Respectful people are perfectly capable of making a point without personal attacks.

They are trying to make men understand that the female breast is not just a sex toy, it's part of their own body and that men should respect that. If you want to make changes, then don't argue on an internet topic, instead you can either show your support or disapproval by either buying or not buying the game, because the only way to have your problems or approval heard by a business is with your wallet.

Shaundi Shaundi is a sexy babe who was the price of a radio contest and she has to get f. Interview with Mat Paget. Doctors create a partially-armoured version of the suit called the Fusion Suit — it's form-fitting without sexualising Samus. And I'm a proud American and Nintendo supporter because of that. Kim kardashian leaked naked pics. If Nintendo is going to go ahead and do this then they should give Captain Falcon a speedo alternate.

And then a bunch of people pick this one.

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